Manitoba Election 2019 – Platform Updates


Election Day is Tuesday, September 10!

More information at Elections Manitoba.

Use CBC Manitoba’s Election Voters’ Guide for all you need to know before you vote.

Platform Updates

How do the Manitoba major political party’s commitments on our coalition’s policy priority areas stack up?

Here’s a presentation of the information within each of Manitoba’s major political party platforms related to Make Poverty History Manitoba’s six priority areas.

Click this link to read the entire document: MPHM Platform Updates – 2019

*The vast majority of the text in these graphics is taken directly from the publicly available platforms of the political parties. Links to these documents can be found at the bottom of this page. At times, information was added from party’s specific announcements, press releases, and comments at public election forums and debates. We accept any corrections or additions to the information presented, though believe it is an accurate representation of key commitments written in party’s public platforms.*

Party Platform Links:

Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

New Democratic Party of Manitoba

Manitoba Liberal Party

Green Party of Manitoba