Everyone deserves a life
free from poverty.

We’re committed to changing public policy to achieve a Manitoba without poverty, and we need your support to make it happen.

Current Campaigns

Stop Cuts to Winnipeg Community Grants

Winnipeg City Council is proposing drastic cuts to the Community Grants Program, and we need your help to prevent this.

Provincial Demands for Action

It’s time for the Manitoba government to step up and take concrete action to end poverty in our province. We’ve outlined 10 demands for action that the government needs to address.

Winnipeg Without Poverty

The City of Winnipeg has a big role to play in ending poverty. Help us advocate for investment in housing, transit, community safety, and anti-oppression initiatives in Winnipeg.

What does poverty look like in Manitoba?

More than 100,000 people living in Manitoba don’t have the resources to meet their basic needs. This means they’re living day to day with inadequate food, shelter, clothing, medicine, or other necessities.


Manitobans are living below the poverty line.

(Based on 2021 census data)

1 in 10

Manitobans are in core housing need.

(Based on 2021 census data)


of Manitobans are experiencing food insecurity.

(Based on 2021 census data)

What can be done to lift people out of poverty?

Our governments must invest in evidence-based solutions that tackle the issues leading people into poverty as well as those keeping people stuck in it.

All levels of government are morally and legally responsible for upholding the human rights of all who live here, which includes ensuring their basic needs are met.

We need your support to end poverty in Manitoba.

Our work depends on people like you participating in our campaigns and responding to our calls to action. By becoming a supporter, you will receive email updates about our campaigns, including invitations to add your voice to our calls for change.

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